19 December, 2010

Magnolia Warbler

Scientific Name: Dendroica magnolia

Population Estimate: 30M

Range / Habitat: Breeds in coniferous forest throughout most of Canada. Winters in southern Mexico down through Central America.

Field Notes: Small songbird distinctive in breeding plumage with black mask, white eye crescents, yellow throat and underparts, white undertail coverts, black chest band and heavy black streaking down chest and sides. Basic plumage more muted as above with olive head and white eye ring, two white wing bars, faint flank streaks. Cape May Warbler similar but with rufous in the face.

Personal Notes: After several fleeting sightings the year prior in Mexico, we finally got several good shots of this warbler at Aguacate, Belize. Several years later we caught in breeding plumage (top) a little closer to home at Hok-Si-La Park.

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