08 March, 2010

House Finch

Scientific Name: Carpodacus mexicanus

Population Estimate: 21M

Range / Habitat: Found year-round throughout most of US and Mexico. Favors shrubland; frequent visitor of feeders.

Field Notes: Widespread, melodic finch. Male with red to head, chest and rump but brown cheeks and heavy brown streaking of the flanks. Female is quite plain, no markings on head and faint streaking on breast. Purple Finch male has red extending to nape and back and no streaking on the flanks. Purple Finch female has a bold face pattern and darker streaking on chest. Cassin's Finch male has bright red crest and lacks brown flank streaking.

Personal Notes: We were struck by how boldly colored these birds were in Mexico (top photo) compared to what we had seen in Minnesota (bottom photos).

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