28 August, 2011


Scientific Name: Emberiza citrinella

Population Estimate: 70M - 200M

Range / Habitat: Found in a range of open habitats (grassland, shrubland, artificial landscapes) throughout Europe and Asia. Most birds are resident in those areas, though some travel further south in winter. An introduced species in New Zealand

Field Notes: Sparrow-sized bird with yellow head and breast. Dark prominent streaks on head as above. Grey bill. Rufous streaks on chest. Rufous upperparts and rump. White outer tail feathers in flight. Yellowhead has no face or chest markings. European Greenfinch has large, flesh-colored bill, grey cheeks and wings. Cirl Bunting much less yellow and rump greyish-olive. Male Cirl Bunting with black markings on face. 

Personal Notes: Seen on the beach at Gisborne.

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