12 May, 2014

Solitary Sandpiper

Scientific Name: Tringa solitaria

Range / Habitat: Breeds in taiga throughout Canada and Alaska. In migration and winter found along freshwater, more commonly in wooded areas. Winters in southern Mexico, including the Yucatan, Central American, Cuba and other Caribbean islands, and throughout northern South America.

Field Notes: Medium-sized shorebird with proportionate legs and bill. Brown upperparts, densely speckled white. White underparts and white eyering. Similarly sized non-breeding Spotted Sandpiper without speckling on back and with white eyestripe. Lesser Yellowlegs with prominent yellow legs and more mottling on back.

Personal Notes: Seen in migration at Minnesota NWR in May, 2014.


  1. Hi - somewhat of a wild goose chase here, but we're putting together an online recreation platform for the Sheridan WY area, and while searching for "Coney Lake Cloud Peak Wilderness", came across one of your photos of the lake. Wondering if we can have your permission to use it as a thumbnail for the hike on our site. Feel free to check it out at http://scltmap.appspot.com - hope you'll consider it! Colin Betzler Executive Director with Sheridan Community Land Trust.

    1. Happy to allow you to use the photo. We loved the area! Nice web site, too. Regards, Kristen