01 April, 2010

Common Grackle

Scientific Name: Quiscalus quiscula

Population Estimate:
100M, Least Concern status

Range / Habitat:
The breeding habitat is open and semi-open areas across North America east of the Rocky Mountains. In the summer extends range north through Canada and west to the Rockies. Found in open habitats, lawns, city parks, agricultural areas.

Field Notes:
Adult has a long dark bill, pale yellowish eyes and a long tail; its feathers appear black with purple, green or blue iridescence on the head, and primarily bronze sheen in the body plumage. The adult female, beyond being smaller, is usually less iridescent; her tail in particular is shorter, and unlike the males, does not keel in flight and is brown with no purple or blue gloss. The juvenile is brown with dark brown eyes.

Personal Notes:

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