04 April, 2010

Rusty Blackbird

Scientific Name: Euphagus Carolinus

Population Estimate: 200K to 2M

Range / Habitat:
The rusty blackbird has the most northerly breeding range of all North American blackbirds, occurring in Alaska, Canada and the north-eastern United States. It is a migratory species, spending the winter in the south-eastern and mid-western United States.

Field Notes: Medium-sized black bird with slender bill and yellow eye. All black in breeding plumage, wings tinged rust in winter. Does not have a sheen to head as common in other black birds. Common Grackle with larger bill, longer tail, and wings tinged blue or purple. Brewer's Blackbird with blue and green iridescence. No other blackbird in range with yellow eye.During the winter, the male rusty blackbird is characterised by the rusty edges to the tertials, and by its rusty brown crown, nape and back. The rest of the upperparts are black, while the cheeks, throat, breast and sides are lighter brown or buff. The male also has a tawny-coloured stripe above the eye. The female rusty blackbird is similar to the male, but with a conspicuous paler buff line above the eye.

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