03 May, 2011

Mottled Duck

Scientific Name: Anas fulvigula

Population Estimate: 170K

Range / Habitat: Wetlands year-round in Florida, costal areas of Texas and along the Gulf coast area of Mexico

Field Notes: Plumage intermediate between a female Mallard and American Black Duck (though it does not appreciably overlap in range with the latter). Blue speculum is bordered in black, not white. Gape is dark and bill without dark splotches as seen in female Mallard.

Personal Notes: The above photos taken at Disney's Animal Kingdom lodge, but were of course, not captive. We're fairly certain the nearest bird is the Mottled Duck but unsure about the far bird (female Mallard or Mallard x Mottled Duck hybrid). We later definitively saw them in the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club later. No Mallards in sight. 

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