10 November, 2009

Eurasian Wigeon

Scientific Name: Anas penelope

Population Estimate: 2.8M - 3.3M, Least Concern status

Range: Breeds in the northernmost areas of Europe and Asia. Winters in southern Asia and Africa. Will periodically appear in the US and Canada.

Field Notes: Dabbling duck. Breeding male with rufous head, buff stripe down forehead. Bill of both males and females in light grey with dark tip. Dark rump bordered by white. The American Wigeon has a green eye marking in the breeding male and grey head, not rufous.

Personal Notes: There were so many waterfowl here at Isola della Cona in the Po River Delta near Venice Italy this November day, that we shot photos first and asked questions later. Only when we got home were we able to identify these birds.

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