09 November, 2009

Greater Flamingo

Scientific Name: Phoenicopterus roseus

Population Estimate: 550K - 680K

Range / Habitat: Shallow saline areas throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. The most widely distributed of the six flamingo species.

Field Notes: Large flamingo, the most pale of the six species. Older flamingos are more pink, younger flamingos are more grey / white. Pink bill with black at the tip; Lesser Flamingo has black base to the bill and pink tip.

Personal Notes: The bottom photo is from the Po River Delta. This group comes from all over Europe to winter here. Once they arrive they separate by age. When you see the whole group together there is a remarkable gradation in the group from grey to pink. Top photos are from Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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  1. don't often see pics with all of their heads down...