14 November, 2009

Yellow-legged Gull

Scientific Name: Larus michahellis

Population Estimate: 760K - 1.8M

Range / Habitat: The breeding range is centred around the Mediterranean Sea. In North Africa it is common in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and increasing in places

Field Notes: Adults have darker grey backs and wings than herring gulls, but are paler than lesser black-backed gulls. They have more black in the wing tips than herring gulls and smaller white 'mirrors'. The legs are bright yellow, there is a red ring around the eye and the bill is yellow with a large red spot. In non-breeding plumage, the head is less streaked and whiter than herring gulls.

Personal Notes: We got other shots of this gull in Spain, but still like the top photo best -- sulking through the rain on the Plaza San Marco in Venice. 

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