14 November, 2009

Great Spotted Woodpecker


Scientific Name: Dendrocopos major

Population Estimate: 75M - 200M

Range / Habitat:In Ireland, this woodpecker has been recorded in Tollymore Forest Park. While the Irish Wildlife Trust had argued in the past for the reintroduction of this woodpecker, the birds themselves began to recolonize Ireland of their own accord since about 2007

Field Notes: The upperparts are glossy black, with white on the sides of the face and neck. A black line zigzags from the shoulder halfway across the breast (in some subspecies nearly meeting in the center), then back to the nape; a black stripe, extending from the bill, runs below the eye to meet this latter part of the zigzag line. On the shoulder is a large white patch and the flight feathers are barred with black and white. The three outer tail feathers are barred; these show when the short stiff tail is outspread, acting as a support in climbing. The underparts are dull white, the abdomen and undertail coverts crimson. The bill is slate black and the legs greenish grey.

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