13 October, 2009

Black-necked Grebe

Scientific Name: Podiceps nigricollis

Population Estimate: 4M

Range: Summers in northern Europe, northern and central Asia, east and south Africa, western North America. Winters in southern Europe, India and Mexico.

Field Notes: Small diving waterfowl frequently found in saline areas. Distinguished from other grebes by short neck and bill, and high rear-end profile in the water. Also has a red eye which can be seen from some distance. In breeding plumage has yellow feathers fanning out behind the eye. Can be confused with the Horned Grebe, especially in non-breeding plumage, though Eared Grebe has dusky cheeks while the Horned Grebe has a strong demarcation between black head and white cheeks.

Personal Notes: Most common grebe world-wide. Known as Black-necked Grebe in most of the world, but as Eared Grebe in the US. We took the top photo at Salton Sea, the bottom at Great Salt Lake.

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