13 October, 2009

Little Pied Cormorant

Scientific Name: Microcarbo melanoleucos

Population Estimate: 51K - 1.1M

Range / Habitat: Found around the coasts, islands, estuaries, and inland waters of Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and around the islands of the south-western Pacific and the sub-Antarctic

Field Notes: Small cormorant with long tail, stubby yellow bill, and black feet. Usually black above and white below, though plumages vary considerably. Juvenile phase is all black and distinguished from Little Black Cormorant by longer tail and yellow bill. 

Personal Notes: Seen at Awaroa Lodge in Abel Tasman first, later in Wellington Harbour on our return and then a variety of places.... Known in New Zealand as Little Shag. Maori name Kawaupaka. 

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