22 December, 2009

Social Flycatcher

Scientific Name: Myiozetetes similis

Population Estimate: 10M-100M

Range / Habitat: Widespread, breeding from northwestern Mexico south to northeastern Peru, southern Brazil and northwestern Argentina. Prefers shrub land.

Field Notes: Common tyrant flycatcher which can interact quite raucously with its peers early in the morning. Dark head, eye and bill with broad white stripe over the eye and white throat. Some birds have a orange to vermilion crown stripe. Upperparts are olive-brown, underparts bright yellow. Great Kiskadee and Boat-billed Flycatcher have nearly identical plumage and overlap in range but are noticeably larger. May also be confused with Rusty-margined Flycatcher, White-bearded Flycatcher, White-ringed Flycatcher and Lesser Kiskadee.

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