30 December, 2009

Summer Tanager

Scientific Name: Piranga rubra

Population Estimate: 4M

Range / Habitat: Breeds in deciduous woodland, frequently near waterway, in eastern and southwestern US and northern Mexico. Otherwise found in a variety of forest types at mid- to upper-tree levels. Winters in southern Mexico, including the Yucatan, through to northern South America.

Field Notes: Medium-sized passerine with large, pale bill. Males all red as in top photo. Females and juveniles with olive back and wings, yellow underparts with splotches of red. Scarlet Tanager with black or dark wings. Hepatic Tanager with dark bill.

Personal Notes: Original seen in Belize, we found this bird again on the El Rey ruins in Cancun, Mexico. Finally heard one stateside Battle Creek Regional Park in St Paul MN. 

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