18 January, 2010

Little Blue Heron

Scientific Name: Egretta caerulea

Population Estimate: 300K to 450K

Range / Habitat: From southeastern US through Mexico, Central American and into northern South America in marsh and costal areas.

Field Notes: Small, active heron. Grey-blue throughout with head and neck darker, occasionally more purple or reddish (as in the top photo). Eyes yellow, bill grey with distal portion black. Legs and feet greenish. Great Blue Heron much larger. Tricoloured Heron is similar size but has distinctive white belly and rump. Juvenile is entirely white but differentiated from the Snowy Egret by its pale green legs. Reddish Egret with distinctly cinnamon head and neck, white eyes, pink base to bill, and grey legs and feet.

Personal Notes:

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