15 January, 2010

Northern Potoo

Scientific Name: Nyctibius jamaicensis
Population Estimate: 50K to 500K
Location of Sighting: San Blas, Mexico
Date of Sighting: January, 2010
Notes: It is unbelievable that our guide found this bird. Several of us stared at this group of branches for several minutes before our eyes could discern a bird only a meter or two away. We observed this nocturnal bird for several minutes and only a slight movement of the throat with each breath indicated it was something other than a part of the tree.


  1. I gave Patrick a list of some cool birds near Puerto Vallarta (he told me that you're visiting him soon). If you're interested in a Golden-cheeked woodpecker near his place, go to the Isla Rio Cuale off of the Malecon.