31 January, 2010

Pine Grosbeak

Scientific Name: Pinicola enucleator

Population Estimate: 4M

Range / Habitat: The wide range of the pine grosbeak stretches across the northern hemisphere, from Europe, across Russia, China and Japan, to Canada and the United States. It is also found as a vagrant in western parts of Europe, such as Austria, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Germany.

Field Notes: The pine grosbeak (Pinocla enucleator) is a large, plump, heavy-chested bird, which differs in appearance between sexes. The distinctive plumage of the male is deep rose-pink on the head, neck, breast and rump, grey on each side of the body, and streaked black on the upperparts. The throat is grey or white and there are also white or grey patches underneath the eyes. The male pine grosbeak has a long, notched black-brown tail with a grey underside, and there are conspicuous white wingbars on its brown-black wings. The tips of some of the flight feathers are white.

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