02 January, 2010

American Tree Sparrow

Scientific Name: Passerella arborea

Population Estimate: 30M, Least Concern status

Range / Habitat: Preferred habitat weedy fields. Breed at edge of woodlands in northern Canada and Alaska. In winters found in northern US, often at feeders as in the bottom photo.

Field Notes: Plump, long-tailed sparrow. Rusty cap with rusty eyeline on a gray head. Bicolored bill. Streaked brown back with two white wing bars. Unstreaked gray to buff breast, commonly with dark smudge in the middle. in both male and female American Tree Sparrows give an overall impression of reddish-brown and gray. A dark smudge in the center of the unstreaked breast is common. Among the sparrows with unstreaked breasts, Chipping Sparrow has black eyeline and white eyebrow. Field Sparrow has a white eyering, pale pink bill, and rusty crown separated by grey central stripe.

Personal Notes:

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