31 January, 2010

Pine Siskin

Scientific Name: Carduelis Pinus

Population Estimate: 8M

Range / Habitat: The range of the pine siskin extends south from southern Alaska and Canada, through the United States to Mexico. This species is also found as a vagrant in Guatemala.

Field Notes: The pine siskin (Carduelis pinus) is a very small songbird with brown, heavily streaked upperparts, white or grey underparts and subtle yellow markings on the tips of the tail and wings. The tail and wings are otherwise dusky brown or black, apart from two buffy wingbars, which fade to white as the individual ages. The tail is short and notched, and the yellow markings on the tail and wings are more visible when the bird is in flight. The pine siskin’s bill is sharp, pointed and notched and can vary in colour between dusky brown and black. The colour of the legs and feet varies between dark brown, red or dark horn, and the eyes of this species are brown.

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