18 January, 2010

Tricolored Heron

Scientific Name: Egretta tricolor

Population Estimate: 290K

Range / Habitat: Year-round in marine intertidal areas, mangrove swamps, inland wetlands of costal Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic coast of southeastern US, Pacific coast of Mexico, Caribbean islands, and northern coast of South America. Some birds will winter inland in central Mexico and Central America.

Field Notes: Medium-sized, slender heron. Distinctive purple neck and head, blue body, white belly. White plume on back of head during breeding season. Little Blue Heron similar color and size but lacks white belly. Great Blue Heron much larger.

Personal Notes: Seen as part of amazing birding along the Rio Cuale in Puerto Vallarta. Later seen as a "native" among several exotics at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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